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7分烤鸭应该会背的雅思高频词汇 记住这些词汇才能写出新意表达




7分烤鸭应该会背的雅思高频词汇  记住这些词汇才能写出新意表达内容图片_1

host 主人

The host welcomed the guests. 主人欢迎客人。


middle class households 中产阶级家庭


crimes against humanity 反人类罪

identity 身份

proof of one’s identity 证明某人身份的证明


the impact of a meteor 流星的撞击

improvement 改进

make some improvements to one’s house 对自己的房子做一些改进

incident 事件

an international incident 国际事件


an average monthly income 平均月收入


gain independence from Britain 脱离英国独立

index 索引

look up“tumour5’ in the index 在索引中查找“tumour5”


infant mortality rate 婴儿死亡率


have a negative influence on someone 对某人有负面影响

injury 伤害、损伤

sustain serious injuries 遭受重伤


a conservative institution 保守的机构


Listen carefully to the instructions. 仔细听指令


insurance against natural disasters 自然灾害险


a child of high intelligence 智力很高的孩子


have the best of intentions 最好的打算


an invitation to a dinner party 宴会的邀请


issue an invoice 开具发票


a fundamental issue 一个基本问题


He has been released from jail. 他已从监狱获释。


open a jam jar 打开果酱罐

journal 日记

keep a journal 写日记

justice 正义

fight for justice 为正义而战


enter kindergarten 上幼儿园

Events: Convention, exhibition, conference, festival, exposition

Publicity: website/internet, leaflets, flyers, notice board, posters, advertisements, good for a family, children, adult, senior citizens  

Transportation: bus, taxi, cab, subway, tube, coach, parking problems  

Agenda: dates, timetable  

Focus/theme: music/live music, art, ballet, clothes, drama, food, business, demonstration, comics, flower arrangement, biscuits 

Celebration: parade, dance, chorus, music band  

Catering: café, restaurant, pub, cafeteria, canteen, refectory, dining room, refreshments, snacks, takeout, takeaway, set lunch, barbecue  

Security: security entrance, security office, security personnel/staff, fire exit, lockers, Check ID, video surveillance, cameras, crowded, children easily get lost

atmosphere: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Ozone, sulphur monoxide 

pollution: air pollution, acid rain, contaminated water, pollutant, contaminant, chemicals, toxic waste 

Geographical: soil erosion, desertification, drought, floods, overfishing, over-felling, deforestation  

energy: fossil fuels, coal, gas, petroleum, solar, tide, wind power, nuclear, marsh gas, methane, biogas  

recycling: plastic, paper, glass, bottle tops, ink cartridges, spare parts/components

What to repair: fridge, refrigerator, washing machine, CD player, electric light, clock, bungalow, cooker, rice cooker, printer (shelf)  

Model type/number

Main problem: leaking, door broken, flashing, hands broken, noisy, fan broken, steam escaping  

When to repair: immediately, straight away, right now, urgent  

next week, weekdays, weekends, in a couple of weeks 

Mornings, afternoons (am pm)  

Quality warranty: expiry date, quality guaranteed for two years  

Compensation: refund, replacement  

Payment: cash, cheque, credit card, bank transfer

7分烤鸭应该会背的雅思高频词汇  记住这些词汇才能写出新意表达内容图片_2  

Food intake/elements: protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, fat acid, calcium, cholesterol, minerals, calorie, kilocalorie  

diet: cereals, sugar, salt, lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, vegetables, fruit, red meat, white meat  

cereals: wheat, corn, barley, oat, maize, rice  

health: low nutrition, malnutrition, overweight, obese, underweight, intelligence, eyesight, brain, learning difficulty, digestion, congestion, heart disease, tuberculosis  

Physical exercises: running, jogging, swimming 

doctors: physician, surgeon, dentist, veterinarian, pediatrician, therapist, general practitioner  

treatments: cure, remedy, therapy, acupuncture, 

diseases: headache, toothache, backache (back pain), stomachache, heart disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diabetes, insomnia, asthma, employment medical, sprain, sports injury, sprained knee 

medicine: antibiotics, penicillin, aspirin, sleeping pills (tablets), painkillers, dose, underdose, overdose, ice pack, walking sticks 

surgery: operation  

hospital: clinics, ward, maternity, emergency, surgery, practice

registration: information desk, information sector, librarian desk  

registration fee, membership fee

ID documents: passport, visa, student card, library card, driver’s license, credit card, bank statement, phone bill, Identity card, C.V. letter  

Library card, borrower’s card, reader’s card, electronic card, PIN, password  

Books: fiction, reference books, technical books, leisure books, notion, academic  

Periodicals: magazines, journals Current issues, back issues  

Technical Resources: photocopying machine, photocopier, color, white and black photocopier, printer, laser printer, card, coin, internet access, computers, laptops  

Electronic, digital: CD, DVD, VCD, videos, tapes, cassettes, CD-ROM  

Recall system: catalogue (title, author, press, category) , call slip, librarian  

Circulation: borrow, loan, return, renew, overdue, fine, reserve  

Loan time: weeks, months (up to 4 weeks, maximum loan time)  

Training classes: research methods, IT, computer software, dissertation writing

Type of work: vacation jobs, office work, bar attendant, waiter, waitress, zoo attendant, childcare, library assistant, restaurant work, shop assistant, sales assistant, domestic work, reporter, carpenter, freelance, part-time job, full-time job, temporary job 

Main roles: receptionist, shop assistant, looking after animals (kangaroo), educate visitors, save wounded/injured animals, maintain website, selling garden tools/carpets, handle customer complaint  

Advantages and disadvantages: pay, working hours, workload, flexible, equipment, transportation  

Working hours: am pm weekdays (during the week), weekends,bank holidays, public holidays, New year, Christmas  

Pay rate: pound/dollar per hour, starting salary, wage  

Clothes: formal clothes, suit, informal clothes, casual clothes shirt, trousers, tie, bow tie, uniform  

Transportation: bus, train, subway, tube, metro, taxi, cab  

Magazine reporters: housing magazine, entertainment magazine, sports magazine, economy magazine, IT magazine

Price: discount, concession, promotion, sales, half price, normal price, 30% off  

Packaging: economy package, family package, container, image, presentation of products  

Where to buy: supermarket, market, shop, store, department store, chain store, online shopping  

Receipt: invoice, quality warranty, receipt  

Supermarket: entrance (profitable), middle shelf (expensive), end of aisles (hard to move), quieter places ( need time to think about)


7分烤鸭应该会背的雅思高频词汇  记住这些词汇才能写出新意表达内容图片_3


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